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The Remnant School of Ministry is a yearly program designed each year to disciple a student in the areas of leadership. Each year there is a set criterion that is placed upon the students in order to graduate from the program.  After your second year in the program, you will have a certificate of ministry and your accomplishments will open up opportunities for future commitments as leadership and/or further training in ministry.

At The Remnant School of Ministry, our goal and vision for each student is to become a well-rounded individual in every area of ministry. In order to assist in this mission, we’ve placed the opportunities for each student to be active in five main tracks at RSOM.

Ministry Track:

The Remnant School of Ministry is a yearly program that is broken down into the five training tracks of ministry. Each track is covered with teachings, sermons, and other criteria. Each track is designed to cover a major area of ministry.

Here is the following breakdown for each track:


Our worship track is designed to teach different aspects of worship in the church and in your own personal life. You will also be a part of the RSOM worship team, as well as Christian Life Church’s worship team, whether that may be playing an instrument, music lessons, or learning how to become a worshiper.


The technological world has increased over the years and this track is designed to keep students trained in the areas of graphic arts, power point, video and audio production, and CD/DVD duplication.


This life-changing track is formulated for reaching the lost in other areas of the world. You will have the opportunity to travel to places such as Singapore, Australia, Africa, and the outmost parts of Europe. You will set up crusades, conventions, prepare dramas, preach, teach, evangelize, etc. You will cultivate a heart for loving people and caring for them as God supplies you with the ability to meet needs in their lives.


In this track, you will learn the principles of the Bible according to theologians of the Old and New Testament. You will also learn how to write a sermon, how to conduct altar calls and how to pastor people. You will know how to run an effective church, ministry, and family after this track.


You will see evangelism from “the stage” point of view. You will learn what an evangelist has to go through in their day, how they conduct themselves and how they keep their integrity. You will participate in missions, international or local, and you will also learn how to witness and outreach to our neighboring residents.


You will learn the art of dramas, dances and illustrations in this track as you are taught how to reach a generation through creative ways and expressions. You will have the opportunity to perform in front of many as the majority of our services, outreaches and events involve such arts with our messages.


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