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Heart In Action Through Visual Aids

Our tracks are designed to teach students a “Heart In Action Through Visual Aids.” What does that mean? The RSOM desires to raise up ministers of the Gospel who practice what they preach. They will graduate not only with knowledge, but tools to put in action what they have learned. We believe in paving the way, in being a catalyst for revival. Revolution starts here. Your destiny begins now. It starts with you! #jointhemovement

Pastoral: Heart

This track not only teaches students the art of preaching and relationships in ministry; but they learn the day-to-day responsibilities of a life in ministry. Students will hear the hearts of Pastors Pat and Karen Schatzline, Pastors Jeremy and Meg Saylor, and pastors from all over the nation.  They will learn how to write a sermon, how to conduct altar calls and how to pastor people; as well as the importance of living a life of integrity and honor not only in ministry, but also in life.

Evangelism: In Action

Evangelism is key in everything we do at the Remnant School of Ministry. The Great Commission was given to every believer and we desire to put it into action. Students will not only see evangelism from “the stage” point of view; but they will see the daily life of an evangelist, how they conduct themselves and how they keep their integrity. They will be a part of evangelistic services, street evangelism, and learn how to witness and outreach to our neighboring residents.

Worship: Through

This track teaches students the power of pursuing God through worship. They will be given opportunities on ministry trips to see some of the greatest worship leaders in action; as well as have the opportunity to become involved with the RSOM worship team in weekly student chapels and the worship team of Christian Life Church. Students will be taught the importance of worship as a lifestyle, not just a performance on stage.

Media: Visual

In a day and age where technology is of great importance, we believe in training students in the area of media. Students will not only be trained in the areas of graphic arts, power point, CD/DVD duplication, or video and audio production; but they will also be taught the importance of media as a calling in ministry. They will be given the opportunity to hone in on their creativity while learning skills that will aid them the rest of their lives.

Missions: Aids

This track is designed to teach students how to be successful in the area of missions, aid missionaries, and leave a lasting impact. Students will be given cultural training as well as practical knowledge for the mission field. They will have the opportunity to go on in state mission trips as well as overseas trips to Singapore, Venezuela, Central America, Africa, and the uttermost parts of Europe.

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